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Tony Stark Timeline (TimelineJS) (sound warning be ready)

  • January 27, 2020 8:03 pm

I decided to make a timeline on Tony Stark’s journey until the avengers were formed. I thought that this would be a fun timeline to do. I hope you enjoy!

To be honest I had a little trouble trying to embed it and make everything work. I was working on this earlier today and I was having a lot of trouble making the timeline actually appear. So I decided to take a break from working on the timeline and worked on my storymapJS instead. I finally got back to doing my Timeline after having decompressed a little bit and tried again. I worked slow and made sure that things worked as I went. I published the google sheets template that I was using first. This made it easier to go back and forth to check if things were working. It ended up all working in the end and I think it looks pretty good.

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