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Week 1 of Home School

  • March 18, 2020 8:03 pm

Where do I even begin with this week? This week was the start of remote classes for everyone. It has felt like this week has been going on for forever and its only Wednesday. I have felt a lot of different emotions throughout the week, mostly just being sad. For obvious reasons.

But going on to what we Scrapbook ladies are doing. I guess that it was a good thing that we got all of our rescheduled scans done early. I can not even imagine if we hadn’t gotten as many scans as we did. We are starting to work on the website more. We have a lot of pictures in our media library currently on the site. Which is a good thing.

What have I been doing since last I posted a blog entry?

I have been working on a lot of accessibility stuff for our website. I have worked with a couple of plugins that make our site more accessible. Doing things like this is really interesting to me. This is because for people like me I wouldn’t even think about needing a text to speech reader or a button that changes the contrast of your website, or even a button that changes your website to grayscale. But I have realized that is a very needed thing because people of all different backgrounds who have all different types of needs can potentially visit your site.

Anyways… I hope everyone is having an ok week. A lot has happened this past week and I know everyone is feeling a lot of emotions and different things. Just know that we can do it! keep persevering and pushing through! This will make us stronger not only as a community of UMW students but also as people. Have a good rest of the week everyone. And remember to wash your hands.

– Erin


  1. Dennis Gill says:

    While everyone is trying to put on a brave face in the face of adversary, it’s such a shame that we are not going to see the final product on every group’s project. Although my group has 60 percent of the letters scanned and we have a timeline and StoryMap to go along with everything, it doesn’t feel the same

  2. jmcclurken says:

    What are the plug-ins that you are using? How well are they working?

    • admin says:

      Responsive Voice:
      Basically reads what is on the screen to the viewer.
      51 different languages you can choose from and 168 different voices.

      WP Accessibility:
      There’s a lot of potential in this plugin. We only have one thing running from it currently but it has the option for skip links and accessibility toolbar, which is what we are using right now, and other miscellaneous things as well.
      To change the accessibility settings there is a button on the bottom of where you look at all the plugins.
      The tool bar:
      Font size enlarger
      Contrast toggle
      Grayscale option

      Google Language Translator:
      Gives the options to translate your website into the languages you select. We currently have Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese selected for our website currently. We chose these languages because some are spoken the most in the US and others are spoken the most in the state of Virginia.

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