Scrapbook Of Erin

Scrap-booking my way through the semester

Week 2

  • January 23, 2020 2:28 am

Looking at different Digital History Projects

What you like:

Looking at some of the sites given, most of them are very user-friendly. I also like how a lot of them are interactive. Whether it’s with maps or even in one case a virtual reality 360 experience. These types of things add character to the site and make people want to stay longer. Most of the sites had nice welcome pages. These pages had a brief welcome and why they made the site and then a brief summary of what the site is about. The home pages are also easy to navigate and welcoming. Some of the sites also had very colorful and attention-grabbing graphics.


I definitely liked more than I disliked. Although I do have a few. On some of the sites when I clicked on the link it took me to a random page on the site. Not a home or welcome page. This page was very overwhelming. It had a lot of text and information throughout the page. Not to mention all the graphics on the page were very monochrome. These graphics were not engaging at all and even made the page seem more daunting than it already was.

Elements to incorporate in own site:

I would like to have a home page that is easy for people to navigate. I think having a home page like this makes the users experience on the site so much better. I think it makes them want to know more as well. I would like to avoid overstimulating the user by pushing information in their face. I would also like to avoid using boring monotone graphics. I think that the way that the site looks is a very big part of if a person will stay on the site and read the information. The site has to be engaging.

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